“Child genius predicts fall of dictatorship” by @ClaudioNazoa


CLAUDIO NAZOA: Niño genio predice caída de la dictadura

“Child genius predicts fall of dictatorship”

As for predictions, I’m as accurate as Nostradamus. It all started when I was still a very young boy, I accurately predicted the fall of General Marcos Pérez Jiménez, the penultimate dictator of Venezuela.

He studied in Caracas, at the Escuela República del Ecuador. My teacher, Professor Digna de Rivas, sent me a math assignment that was due on December 23, 1957. I delivered it, but on January 23, 1958. Coincidence?

I was doing homework when something strange happened: my hand, in automatic writing, began to draw accounts that made no sense, but that astonished the world.

I counted the number of letters that form the name of Marcos Pérez Jiménez: 18. I added the 5 years that my brother Mario had, gave 23. First coincidence! The task was to be delivered in December 1957. I finished it in the early hours of January 23, 1958. This was no accident!

I remembered the day of the dignified date when the overthrow would occur! Do not forget that my teacher is called Digna, by chance? Also, the day I did the homework I had a pencil only and in the street I saw 9 owls. Without forgetting the 5 years of my brother and taking into account that the word owl only rhymes with eight, I discovered something amazing: 23-1-1-9-5-8! (23/1/1958) The exact date!

My prediction was made public. As a child I became more famous as a seer, than as an adult with eggs, which I also predicted would become more expensive. So it was!

It’s coming! It’s happening to me again …! Seldom do I reveal my predictions, but I feel that I must share it … A bird that looks at flowers and flies free when emerging from a green cage comes to mind. It’s coming! … Four numbers: 2-0-1-7 Write it down: 2017! Just a moment! It comes more! … I get faces. Two men … One is beautiful and the other is ugly, but beak is silver! … You do not have to be a python to predict what is going to happen. Someone shaves a mustache. I see a crowd dressed in red fleeing to Cuba.

They are warned! Save this article. Then do not say I did not predict.

The voice of my holy mother brings me out of the trance:

“Who do you see as the new president?”

-Mama, leave the sheath! You distract me … I see bushy eyebrows, too!

“No, son, I prefer the caged, the beautiful or the ugly beak and silver!

“Mama, shut up, you wrap the sheath that is clear and shiver!



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